Son Lux - Everything Everywhere All at Once (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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The official soundtrack for A24’s latest film, Everything Everywhere All at once, the album is an explosion of hear-it-to-believe-it collaborations. The most ambitious project to date for experimental trio Son Lux, the 49 track album is fit not only for the screen — scoring the action packed, and deeply moving film — but as an independent album. It’s a feat of musical prowess, combining the signature electronic feel of Son Lux with ornaments of brilliant instrumentation. The features, all anchored by Son Lux’s compositions, include a Mitski & David Byrne Duet, vocals from Moses Sumney and Randy Newman, and flute from the legendary André Benjamin.

Everything Everywhere All At Once Soundtrack
Nominated for the 2023 ACADEMY AWARD®

for Best Original Score. Includes “This is A Life,”

featuring Son Lux, Mitski and David Byrne —

nominated for Best Original Song

Limited Edition of 15,000 on Black & White Vinyl


Side A:
She thought her life was overwhelming
already, but today it all changes...

Side B:
As she connects to lives she could have
led, the real challenge is making sense of this life

here and now...

Side C:
She fights with incredible martial arts, but
how do you fight the meaninglessness of infinity? *

Side D:
From a hopeless place, she must learn a
new way to fight, with love... ∞

*Includes “Now We’re Cookin’ (with Randy Newman)”

∞Includes “This Is A Life (with Mitski and David Byrne)”

∞Includes “Fence (with Moses Sumney)