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Sigur Ros - ( ) [20th Anniversary Edition Indies Exclusive Clear Black “Haze” Heavyweight Vinyl]


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Vinyl LP pressing. () - Sigur Rós's celebrated third album, and for many people - especially in US where it remains their biggest selling work - the most quintessentially Sigur Rós record of their career to date. It is the only album where Jónsi sings entirely in the wordless lyrics of Hopelandic. A desire to elide meaning and allow the listener to bring their own interpretation to the music, extends to the eight songs, all of which are nameless. The music is broadly divided into two halves, divided by a critical 36 seconds of silence. The first half of the album being lighter and more optimistic, and the second half bleaker and more melancholic, culminating in the thundering climax of Untitled #8, the closing song of every Sigur Rós show since the song was written in 2000. () was recorded at the band's own studio Sundlaugin, in Mosfellsbær outside Reykjavik, in 2002, co-produced by the band with Ken Thomas, who also helmed their break through second album, Agætis Byrjun. Completely out of print, the vinyl album now comes in it's full Grammy-nominated artwork, including die-cut sleeve and spot UV varnish inner bags.

No. Title Meaning of alternate title Length
1. Untitled ("Vaka") Vaka is the name of Orri's daughter 6:38
2. Untitled ("Fyrsta") First 7:33
3. Untitled ("Samskeyti") Seam, or Joint 6:33
4. Untitled ("Njósnavélin") Literally, "The Spy Machine"; also known as "The Nothing Song"[42] 7:33
5. Untitled ("Álafoss") Álafoss is the location of the band's studio 9:57
6. Untitled ("E-Bow") Georg Hólm uses an E-bow on his bass in this song 8:48
7. Untitled ("Dauðalagið") Death Song 13:00
8. Untitled ("Popplagið") Pop Song 11:44
Total length: 71:46