Michael Rault – Michael Rault (Limited Edition Blue Galaxy Vinyl)


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Michael Rault's third full length, and second for Daptone Records rock subsidiary Wick Records, began to take shape during a time of endings. Rault was at the tail end of his 20s, had just ended a romantic relationship and cut ties with a previous manager as well as his then touring band. After being on the road to promote his previous release, 2018's A New Day Tonight, Michael returned to his home in Montreal and a van that was already buried in six feet of snow, to begin writing on what would become his new self-titled album Michael Rault - there in his bedroom studio over a span of about five months. This new self-titled body of work is proof of just how crucial that time of endings really was for Michael, it resulted in a beautiful and timeless collection of songs that are a continuation of his increasingly deep exploration of the worlds of progressive pop, psych folk, yacht rock and "too slow to disco" drug fueled dance floor slow steppers.

A1 All Night Long
A2 Right On Time
A3 Neither Love Nor Money
A4 Exactly What I Needed
A5 Who Will You Call On?
B1 Want For Nothing
B2 When I'm Back In Town Again
B3 Champagne
B4 Whoever Comes Around
B5 Inside Your Heart