Team Sleep - Team Sleep (2LP)


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Team Sleep features Chino Moreno from Deftones, plus Todd Wilkinson and CrookOne. The self-titled is their only album originally released in 2005 and included the single "Ever (Foreign Flag)". An expanded version of the album is now available as a double-LP on black vinyl.

This vinyl release features two unreleased outtakes: "Let's Go" featuring Mary Timony, and "Kool Aide" featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More).

Side A            
1    Ataraxia
2    Ever (Foreign Flag)
3    Your Skull Is Red
4    Princeton Review
5    Blvd. Nights

Side B           
1    Delorian
2    Our Ride To The Rectory
3    Tomb Of Liegia
4    Elizabeth
5    Staring At The Queen

Side C           
1    Ever Since WW1
2    King Diamond
3    Live From The Stage
4    Paris Arm
5    11/11.

Side D            
1    Let's Go (non-LP track)
2    Kool Aid Party (non-LP track)