The Offspring - Smash

The Offspring - Smash


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The Offspring preserve the essential ingredients of their chosen genre--guitars grinding out three chords, shouted vocals, and plenty of vitriol--and layer them over a melodic base that packs considerable popular appeal. The singles from Smash, the Offspring's breakthrough album, still receive considerable radio airplay: "Gotta Get Away," "Come Out and Play," and "Self Esteem." With these and Smash's 11 other tracks, the band chronicles the adolescent experience with clarity and surprisingly incisive wit. That pretty much describes all of their albums, but this is the one to get. It's got more shape than their earlier material and isn't as disturbingly poppy as their more recent recordings; it's the perfect blend of riffs and rage. Smash is the best-selling independent album of all time with over 20 million sold worldwide. Alongside Rancid's And Out Come the Wolves and Green Day's Dookie, Smash signaled the arrival of punk rock as a commercial force upon its initial release in 1994.

A1. Time To Relax A2. Nitro [Youth Energy] A3. Bad Habit A4. Gotta Get Away A5. Genocide A6. Something To Believe In A7. Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)

B1. Self Esteem B2. It'll Be A Long Time B3. Killboy Powerhead B4. What Happened To You? B5. So Alone B6. Not The One B7. Smash