Matchbox Twenty - Mad Season (Rocktober 2023 2LP Sky Blue Vinyl)


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Following the stunning success of their explosive debut, the 2000 follow-up Mad Season’s soul-infused collection of modern classics demonstrated the band's remarkably expressive range and power. Having further honed their craft through extensive touring, Matchbox Twenty grew into a creative musical machine, firing on all cylinders. This sophomore effort highlights the continued development of Rob Thomas' gifts as a writer, with songs focusing on the binding elements of the increasingly unconnected world. In addition, the album featured a no-holds-barred sonic approach that introduced new musical textures such as intricate orchestrations and fierce horn sections. This 2-LP set on exclusive Sky Blue vinyl – the album’s first-ever standalone vinyl pressing – features the hits “If You’re Gone” & “Bent.”

- Side 1 -
1 Angry
2 Black & White People
3 Crutch
4 Last Beautiful Girl

- Side 2 -
1 If You're Gone
2 Mad Season
3 Rest Stop

- Side 3 -
1 The Burn
2 Bent
3 Bed of Lies

- Side 4 -
1 Leave
2 Stop
3 You Won't Be Mine