New Fumes - Experiencer (Cassette)


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All songs written, recorded and produced by Daniel Huffman at the Dome Home in Dallas, Texas 2015-2023
with additional love and special guest appearances by:

CLAY STINNETT played drums or lends drumming samples on 1,2,4, and 12.

MIKE WATT added Bass guitar on 1,2,3,5,7,8,10,11.

ALEX SILVA added some modular synth on 10.

WAYNE COYNE sings on 7.

CASEY JOSEPH played synth bass and edits on 7.

DENNIS COYNE did some additional edits on 7, and some live drumming recording @ Pink Floor Studio, OKC, Oklahoma.

LIONEL WILLIAMS played drums and lent drum samples on 11.

JOSH GARZA drum samples on 11.

NICK LOGIE drum machine and drums machine samples on 11.

KARL POETSCHKE played electro-acoustic trumpet and lent horn samples on 10.

Intro on "Arrival" from "Love and Gratitude Meditation" by Pat Pearsall
Voices: Patt Pearsall, Sandi Turvan, Brooke Kelty, Rick's Dad, Archer Brodie, Hudson Brodie, Sally Glass, David Wilcock, Carol, Marie, and Justice from CE-5 Texas

Mastering by Mike Fridmann in Fredonia, NY.
published by Goggle Jazz Light and Sound Company / ASCAP

1. Arrival
2. Home World Master Plan
3. Love All The Way (Keep Going)
4. Butterfly On The Wave
5. Lazer Dreams
6. Engine Mouse
t. Model Of Free Will (t. Stardeath & White Dwarfs & The Flaming Lips)
8. Going To Outer Space / Sorcerer (Song For Nevada Hill)
9. An Alleged Shooting Star
10. The Void Is Not A Void (Somewhere In Time)
11. Supreme Court / You've Been Born In The Kaliyuga
12. You Own Vimana