Sixteen Deluxe - Backfeed Magnetbabe (25th Anniversary Edition)


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Austin noise-pop veterans Sixteen Deluxe are pleased to announce the re-release of their 1995 debut album, Backfeed Magnetbabe, in a special limited-edition vinyl run to celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary.

Originally released on the legendary Trance Syndicate label (headed up by Butthole Surfer King Coffey), this new edition was sourced directly from the 1995 production master – no remixing or funny business. 

The package features gorgeous, newly imagined artwork from original designer (and Cherubs frontman) Kevin Whitley, with violet-swirled 180-gram vinyl stored inside a full-color inner sleeve, all lovingly manufactured by Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin, Texas. Each LP comes with a download code for the 20-track digital album which includes demos and outtakes; a 40-page PDF booklet of previously unpublished photos from the album recording sessions and live shows; plus a cool 3" x 3" sticker of the cover.

1. Warm Jets
2. Fetus
3. Shanesong
4. Idea
5. Floor 13

6. Baby Headrush
7. Apron Strings
8. Now
9. Erotica
10. Ro