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Various Artists - Record Safari Motion Picture Soundtrack


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The soundtrack for the documentary film, Record Safari, on standard vinyl. Record Safari is a feature documentary about vinyl record collectors. Vinyl records are Alex Rodriguez’s drug, and he’s turned his addiction into a career. Running the Glass House record rtore and curating for Coachella Music Festival’s on-site record store, Alex spends weeks on the road buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, enthusiasts and producers. Record Safari takes you on the journey as Alex searches high and low for these sought-after pieces of plastic and gives us an inside look into the world of record collecting.
1. Bikini Kill- “This Is Not A Test”
2. Deidre & The Dark- “Which Way”
3. High Waisted- “Hey Hey”
4. Atmosphere- “Camera Thief”
5. Fiona Silver- “Here Comes The Fall”
6. Deidre & The Dark- “Tell Me”
7. Lenny Kaye- “Record Collector”
1. Fiona Silver- “Housewife”
2. Atlantic Thrills- “Day At The Beach”
3. Atmosphere- “To All My Friends”
4. The Chamber Strings- “Check Out Girls”
5. The Postmarks- “You Drift Away”
6. Deidre & The Dark- “Can't Believe You're Mine”
7. Outro: "Thanks”