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'We knew the new album had to be special. We've been away for a while. The first album was a straight shot, the second on the rocks, with this new one we had to kick down the brewery doors!' Pete Spiby. Black Spiders have crafted an album that features 13 tracks of high-energy, feel-good rock n'roll contrasted by demonic doom that despite the disjointed, isolated way it was recorded. It sounds like a band, firing on all cylinders. 'We had to dig down deep to pull out some gems and what would we want from Black Spiders,' questions Pete. War, vengeance, mental health, death, conservation & climate change, where are we from? Relationships, friendships, our flaws. Where are we going? Alien life and Mother Earth - some of which made the record.' Kicking off with the aforementioned 'Fly In The Soup' single, this 3rd ST long-player wastes no time in grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you through an album where good times, hooks and riffs are not in short supply, but the doom-drenched likes of 'Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard' and the psychedelic groove of album closer 'Crooked Black Wings' give us an album of many moods and dynamics and a reason to be cheerful in 2021. And why does the album have no title? 'It wasn't hard picking a title for the album, as we decided that the focus should be on the band, not the album title, so we decided not to have one. Let the music do the talking....

1. Fly In The Soup

2. Stabbed In The Back

3. Wizard Shall Not Kill Wizard

4. Back In The Convent

5. Give Em What They Want

6. Good Times

7. Death Comes Creepin

8. Nothing Better

9. Rock And Roll

10. Free Ride

11. No Luck No Bones

12. Down To The River

13. Crooked Black Wings