Brad - Shame (Indie Exclusive Opaque Blue Vinyl)

Brad - Shame (Indie Exclusive Opaque Blue Vinyl)


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BRAD, which featured Stone Gossard (of Pearl Jam) and Shawn Smith (of Satchel and Pigeonhed), reissue is a classic from 1993. This 30th Anniversary album has been remastered. Recorded in October 1992 in 17 days at Avast Recording in Seattle Washington. featuring soft, nocturnal rock, giddy rhythms and glossy funk jams. Smith is an unusual vocalist even without the grunge influences of Brad’s circle of friends, like Gossard and Jeff Ament’s Green River or Regan and Andrew Wood’s Malfunkshun, Smith’s honeyed falsetto starts to sound like the song of another species altogether.

1. Buttercup
2. My Fingers
3. Nadine
4. Screen
5. 20th Century

6. Good News
7. Raise Love
8. Bad For The Soul
9. Down
10. Rockstar
11. We