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Chuck Mosley - First Hellos and Last Goodbyes


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PRESSED ON AQUA BLUE COLORED VINYL PACKAGED WITH A DELUXE OBI-STRIP AND INCLUDES A DOWNLOAD CARD FOR THE FULL ALBUM As Chuck Mosley (ex Faith No More & Bad Brains) embarked on the Reintroduce Yourself Tour, which saw him play around 160 shows during the last two years of his life, he had an idea about releasing a live collection of songs. Part of the point of the tour was to give Chuck a chance to revisit his past, in Cement, VUA, and even some stuff he wrote way back in the day. This release has a mix of those, along with one brand new song, Blue Heart, which he wrote a few months before passing. Quality recordings are scarce and others were sabotaged by off-time clapping, buzzing old amps, and endless stage banter. While we were never polished, never perfect, nor did we get all the lyrics correct, this record is 100% Chuck Mosley, and we think you'll dig it.
A Side
1. Sophie (Live in Manchester) 2. Blue Heart (Live in Knoxville) 3. Come Around (Live in Huntsville) 4. Song #2 (Live in Huntsville)

B Side
1. Nameless (Live in Manchester) 2. Tractor (Live in London) 3. Bella Donna (Live in London) 4. Bob Forest (Live in London) 5. C to G (Douglas' unapproved hidden track)