Clark -  Honey Badger / Pig

Clark - Honey Badger / Pig


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2017 has seen Clark accomplish his busiest and biggest year yet! Each release and project, including studio album Death Peak, the original score for primetime BBC 1 drama "Rellik" and now twisted rave 12” Honey Badger / Pig, define Clark as one of the finest electronic artists releasing music today. His natural aptitude towards production has enabled him to explore different creative pathways to accompany and compliment the emotion of each project - underpinned by his own unmistakable style. New monsters, Honey Badger and Pig both demonstrate the raw dancefloor energy Clark has encapsulated over the past two decades signed to Warp. Honey Badger chisels its way to a blistering, intoxicating crescendo. Pig is a driving euphoric club track that constantly evolves until falling away to pure Reese baseline and melting synths.