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J.J. Cale - Closer To You


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A1. Long Way Home
A2. Sho-Biz Blues
A3. Slower Baby
A4. Devil's Nurse
A5. Like You Used To
A6. Borrowed Time
B1. Rose In The Garden
B2. Brown Dirt
B3. Hard Love
B4. Ain't Love Funny
B5. Closer To You
B6. Steve's Song
CD-1. Long Way Home
CD-2. Sho-Biz Blues
CD-3. Slower Baby
CD-4. Devil's Nurse
CD-5. Lie You Used To
CD-6. Borrowed Time
CD-7. Rose In The Garden
CD-8. Brown Dirt
CD-9. Hard Love
CD-10. Ain't Love Funny
CD-11. Closer To You
CD-12. Steve's Song