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Pixies - Come On Pilgrim... It's Surfer Rosa


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. Come On Pilgrim
A1. Caribou
A2. Vamos
A3. Isla De Encanta
A4. Ed Is Dead
B5. The Holiday Song
B6. Nimrod's Son
B7. I've Been Tired
B8. Levitate Me
. Surfer Rosa
C1. Bone Machine
C2. Break My Body
C3. Something Against You
C4. Broken Face
C5. Gigantic
C6. River Euphrates
D7. Where Is My Mind?
D8. Cactus
D9. Tony's Theme
D10. Oh My Golly!
D11. Vamos
D12. I'm Amazed
D13. Brick Is Red
. Live From The Fallout Shelter
E1. The Holiday Song
E2. I'm Amazed
E3. Rock A My Soul
E4. Isla De Encanta
E5. Caribou
E6. Broken Face
E7. Subbaculture
E8. Build High
F9. Ed Is Dead
F10. Nimrod's Son
F11. Down To The Well
F12. I've Been Tired
F13. Boom Chicka Boom
F14. Vamos
F15. In Heaven