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Various - Desperado (The Soundtrack)


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A1. Canción Del Mariachi (Morena De Mi Corazón)
A1.1. "...There He Was..."
A2. Six Blade Knife
A2.1. "...The Bartender Never Gets Killed."
A3. Jack The Ripper
A4. Manifold De Amour
A5. Forever Night Shade Mary
B1. Pass The Hatchet
B1.1. "Is There Something In The Guitar Case?..."
B2. Bar Fight
B2.2. "...But You Had To Do It The Hard Way."
B3. Strange Face Of Love
B3.1. "...I Use It To Pick Up Girls."
B4. Bucho's Gracias / Navajas Attacks
B4.1. "Forgive Me, Father..."
B5. Bulletproof
C1. Bella
C2. Quédate Aquí
C2.1. "You Look Great..."
C3. Rooftop Action
C3.1. "...Easier To Destroy Than To Create..."
C4. Phone Call
D0. "...Bring Your Guitars."
D1. White Train (Showdown)
D1.1. "Did I Thank You?..."
D2. Back To The House That Love Built
D3. Let Love Reign
D4. Mariachi Suite