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Earles And Jensen - Just Farr The Record


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A1. It's A Freak Show
A2. Hampton Inn Secret Shopper
A3. Hampton Inn Secret Shopper Part II
A4. Bootleg Garfield Tells All To Scared Mook
A5. Bleachy Makes Reference To Dave Thomasoma
A6. Former Addict Seeks Friends For Party
A7. Pack O' Kools
A8. Tom Trocolli At Perkin's
A9. 2001... A Hair Odyssey
A10. Bleachy Wants To Go To Town
A11. Canadian Mason
A12. Creekwood Banks In "Canadian Bacon"
A13. Dennis Frnz's Ass Is Coming For Dinner
B1. The Dean Of Partyology
B2. Bill Schmeling, Poet
B3. Wrong Tape In Box
B4. Chris Recites 'My Block'
B5. Doc Marten Half-Sandals
B6. Helmets Are For Pussies
B7. Ladybugs
B8. I'm Very Sneaky
B9. Potato Mountain
B10. Bleachy's Mom Calls Gap Kids
B11. Cheese Island
B12. The Shower Coach
B13. Nachos At Pumps