Flasher - Love Is Yours (Limited Edition Baby he Blue Vinyl)


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The band's 2018 debut, Constant Image, was a triumph - a set of songs both dizzy and explosive, balancing new-wave lushness and post-punk frenzy. Love is Yours steps up the ambition and reaches for the horizon. The record is ablaze with mood, melody, and carefully threaded hooks, finding the band foregrounding the pop sensibilities that had always been present in their previous releases.  The album was written and recorded amid a moment of flux for the band. Now a duo, guitarist Taylor Mulitz and drummer Emma Baker had to reimagine Flasher's voice. When it was first completed, Mulitz was shy about sharing the album, worrying that old friends would find the new sounds unrecognizable. Love is Yours is unquestionably made up of Flasher's DNA, but it's true that something pivotal has shifted. If Constant Image found the band tightening up and transcending its basement-punk roots, Love is Yours marks another, major moment of ascent, this time toward something that's easy to embrace, but harder to pin down - still thrilling, but newly illuminated and entirely their own.

1. I Saw You
2. Love Is Yours
3. Little Things
4. Nothing
5. Spell It Out
6. Still Life
7. All Day Long
8. I’m Better
9. Sideways
10. Pink
11. Damage
12. Dial Up
13. Tangerine