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Gene - Rising For Sunset (180-Gram Black Vinyl)


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Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing including etched D Side and printed inner sleeves. Gene formed in 1993, released four studio album and went on to score 10 top 40 hits. Rising For Sunset is their live album recorded in the Troubadour, Hollywood Los Angeles on the 1st and 2nd June 2000.

Does He Have A Name? - Excerpt 1:35
Fill Her Up 3:25
The British Disease 3:23
Where Are They Now? 4:43
London, Can You Wait? 3:30
Mayday 3:29
As Good As It Gets 4:13
Your Love, It Lies 3:43
Rising For Sunset 5:48
For The Dead 4:22
Be My Light, Be My Guide 4:17
Speak To Me Someone 4:02
Olympian 5:30
You'll Never Walk Again 6:29
Somewhere In The World 3:24