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Simon Boswell - Hardware (Reactivated | Re-Edited | Remastered)


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A1. Opening Titles
A2. On The Road
A3. Twisted Night
A4. Acid Meditation
A5. Jill's Apartment
A6. Pure Hardware
A7. Droid Assembly
A8. Droid POV
B1. Droid Attack
B2. Feathers
B3. Metal Finger
B4. Herbal
B5. Shower
B6. Cytotoxin
B7. Angry Bob Two
B8. The Abomination Of Desolation
B9. These Fucking Americans
B10. This Is What You Get
C1. No Flesh Shall Be Spared
C2. Good Morning Amerika
C3. Everything Is Under Control
C4. Reno's Reindeer Steaks
C5. Crucifixion
C6. Alligator Heart
C7. A Message From Our Sponsors
D1. It's Horrible... I Love It... What Is It?
D2. A Piece Of Pipe
D3. Mark 13
D4. Silent Night
D5. Jill Burning
D6. Cockroach Tea
D7. Hardware
D8. I Dreamed It Was Raining