Isis - Panopticon (2LP Black Vinyl)


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Finally repressed after years of unavailability and highly sought-after. On ISIS' third-full-length album, Panopticon, the unblinking eye of counterinsurgency is exposed with mesmerizing stereophonic clarity. The perpetual collapse and crush of ultra-dynamic sound-design takes on the heightened dimensions of institutionally-induced anxiety, and the carefully constructed artifice of an omniscient predatory apparatus becomes the paradigm of surveillance culture. Meanwhile, panoptic cognizance, while ostensibly the utmost of all Orwellian implications, portends to far more insidious applications: Just as hidden crosshairs hold sway over every prison yard, to see everything is to know all. Features a guest bass appearances from JUSTIN CHANCELLOR of TOOL and production by MATT BAYLES (Mastodon, Botch, Pearl Jam, etc.). 2021 reissue on Ipecac available on double black vinyl in heavyweight tip-on gatefold package with insert.

1. So Did We
2. Backlit
3. In Fiction
4. Willis Dissolve
5. Syndic Calls
6. Altered Course
7. Grinning Mouths