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Jamey Johnson - That Lonesome Song


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Following a deep period of isolation and introspection, Jamey Johnson entered the recording studio in April 2007. Within months, Jamey emerged with That Lonesome Song, a collection of extraordinary compositions that is equally noteworthy for its lyrical craftsmanship and its strikingly original sound. The set burns with the emotional heat of songs such as "Sending An Angel To Hell" and "Lonesome Song." Turn one corner and you'll find the soft contemplation of "When The Last Cowboy's Gone" or "Out Of The Ocean." Jamey's life sets the tone for the autobiographical "Stars In Alabama" and "Between Jennings And Jones." And speaking of Waylon Jennings, Jamey pays tribute to his idol by covering "Dreaming My Dreams" and "The Door Is Always Open."

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1. Released

2. High Cost Of Living

3. Angel

4. Place Out On The Ocean

5. Mowin' Down The Roses

6. The Door Is Always Open

7. Mary Go Round

8. In Color

9. The Last Cowboy

10. That Lonesome Song

11. Dreaming My Dreams

12. Women

13. Stars In Alabama

14. Between Jennings And Jones