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Jenny O. - New Truth (Indie Exclusive Vinyl)


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2020 release, the third album from singer/songwriter Jenny O. In the midst of all this collective uncertainty, it seems like most of us are still working through our own individual uncertainties. For LA songwriter Jenny O., the recent concerning variable most prominent in her life has been the loss of hearing in her right ear-a terrifying development for anyone, regardless of whether or not they're making a living off their music. The good news is that this diagnosis has inspired the artist's third studio album, and first for the Mama Bird Recording family.

  • 1 God Knows Why
  • 2 I Don't Want to Live Alone Anymore
  • 3 Color Love
  • 4 Old Habits
  • 5 What About That Day
  • 6 Not My Guy
  • 7 Even If I Tried
  • 8 Small Talk
  • 9 Psychedelic Love
  • 10 A Different Kind of Life
  • 11 Hard to Say
  • 12 Seek Peace