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King Chango - King Chango


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Mix the high-octane sugar rush of a café con leche with the no-nonsense stomping of New York’s ska underground and you’ve got the wicked shot on goal that’s King Changó — antidote to tired guitar bands, dozy loungecore and formula whatever. Eight Latino rudies (OK, the horn players are gringos) build a groove founded on dancehall chants, deep space dub, straight-up skanking and Latin rhythms. Meet the house band of the urban planet.

1. Don’t Drop Your Pants
2. Confesion
3. God Damn Killers
4. So Sweet
5. Empty Hands Are My Weapon (Wicked Dub)
6. Melting Pot Intro

7. Melting Pot
8. Revolution/Cumbia Reggae
9. African Fever
10. Pisando la Serpiente
11. Latin Ska
12. Torero
13. French Lady