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Kinks - The Kinks (Limited Edition Red Coloured Vinyl)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Kinks fans, don't every TRY not to eat this one up: a scrumptious-looking 140-gram red vinyl LP containing the 1964 debut that introduced the brothers Davies to the world! This is limited to 2000 copies in North America, so hop to it: their breakthrough smash "You Really Got Me," their rambunctious renditions of "Too Much Monkey Business," "Got Love if you Want It," "Cadillac," "Stop Your Sobbing," "Bald Headed Woman" and more.

1. Beautiful Delilah
2. So Mystifying
3. Just Can't Go To Sleep
4. Long Tall Shorty
5. I Took My Baby Home
6. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
7. You Really Got Me

1. Cadillac
2. Bald Headed Woman
3. Revenge
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. I've Been Drinking On Bald Mountain
6. Stop Your Sobbing
7. Got Love If You Want It