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Ned Lagin - Seastones: Set 4


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Ned Lagin's Seastones is a groundbreaking electronic work which features musicians Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, David Crosby, Grace Slick, David Freiberg, Mickey Hart, and Spencer Dryden. Interweaving musical technologies with sound art, science, linguistics, philosophy, and early music, Seastones is comprised of pieces that are dynamic, rich and deep. It embodies the technological history of electronic music by taking full advantage of tape music, synthesizers, and computer technology. Originally released by the Grateful Dead's Round Records in 1975 and marketed to Deadheads, Seastone’s reputation as a gem of electronic music was overshadowed by the celebrity of the musicians who contributed to the source material. This LP draws from released and unreleased Seastones tracks and contains gorgeous extended Garcia vocal passages processed by Lagin who was an intermittent member of the Grateful Dead until the band broke up in 1974. Audiophile quality LP cut by Golden Mastering and pressed at RTI for optimal sound.
A1. Seastones 01 (1:24)
A2. Seastones 02 (0:51)
A3. Seastones 03 (2:40)
A4. Seastones 05 (4:13)
A5. Seastones 06 (2:14)
A6. Seastones 13 (0:49)
A7. Seastones 63 (0:50)
A8. Seastones 67 (0:51)
A9. Seastones 70 (3:12)
A10. Seastones 79 (1:52)
A11. Seastones 81 (4:27)
A12. Seastones 59 (1:52)
A13. Seastones 54 (0:24)

B1. Seastones 56 (3:26)
B2. Seastones 58 (1:13)
B3. Seastones 66 (5:46)
B4. Seastones 26 (10:04)
B5. Seastones 57 (5:17)