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Circus Devils - Laughs Best (The Kids Eat It Up)


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A1. Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race
A2. The Girls Will Make It Happen
A3. Don't Be Late
A4. Freedom's Monster
A5. Easy Baby
A6. New Boy
A7. Backwash Television
A8. George Took A Shovel
A9. When Machines Attack
B1. Cyclopean Runways
B2. Bad Boy Blue
B3. Bull Spears
B4. Ships From Prison To Prison
B5. To Be So Welcome
B6. Dolphins Of Color
B7. Monkey Head
B8. He Had All Day
C1. Sunflower Wildman (Remember Him?)
C2. Correcto
C3. Gargoyle City
C4. Girl In Space
C5. Do The Nixon
C6. War Horsies
D1. Teenage Rooster
D2. Locomotion Blue Note
D3. Mother Skinny
D4. Cockroach Whiskey
D5. French Horn Litigation
D6. Diamond Boys
D7. End Of The Swell
. Circus Devils (DVD)
DVD-1. War Horsies
DVD-2. Bogus Reactions
DVD-3. The Night Of Anything
DVD-4. Hue N Dye
DVD-5. Get Me Extra!
DVD-6. Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race
DVD-7. I Razors
DVD-8. Thin Escape
DVD-9. We're Going Inside The Head (Of A Winner)
DVD-10. Time Trapper
DVD-11. We Don't Need To Know Who You Are
DVD-12. Cyclopean Runways
DVD-13. Hot Lettuce
DVD-14. Let's Go Back To Bed
DVD-15. He Had All Day
DVD-16. Mother Skinny
DVD-17. When The Beast Falls Down
DVD-18. March Of The Homunculus
DVD-19. To England The Tigers
DVD-20. Henry Loop
DVD-21. Easy Baby
DVD-22. Get On It
DVD-23. Arrival At Low Volume Submarine
DVD-24. Artheroid Vogue
DVD-25. Bumbling Reply
DVD-26. Mine
DVD-27. Seeds Of The Craft
DVD-28. Peculiar Smells
DVD-29. The New Nostalgia
DVD-30. Bird Zone
DVD-31. The Liquid Observer
DVD-32. Shut Up!