Laura Veirs - My Echo (Transparent Pink Vinyl)


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My Echo' is my 11th solo album. It's my 'my songs knew I was getting divorced before I did" album. My conscious mind was trying as hard as I could to keep my family together but my subconscious mind was working on the difficult struggles in my marital life. I was part of a 'Secret Poetry Group' that met and wrote poems monthly for a year during the writing of this record. Many of my poems turned into songs for this album. By the time the album was being mixed last fall, my ex-husband/producer Tucker Martine and I had decided to go our separate ways. We were a great musical team for many years but we struggled to be compatible in our marriage and family life and that struggle is reflected in this album.
  • 1 Freedom Feeling
  • 2 Another Space and Time
  • 3 Turquoise Walls
  • 4 Memaloose Island
  • 5 End Times
  • 6 Burn Too Bright
  • 7 Brick Layer
  • 8 All the Things
  • 9 I Sing to the Tall Man
  • 10 Vapor Trails