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Lemonheads - Lovely (Remastered 30th Anniversary Double LP)


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Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition of The Lemonheads ‘Lovey’. A 2xLP/CD Deluxe Book with expanded liner notes and unseen photos – this is the definitive document of Dando’s first steps towards the mainstream.

The lovingly repackaged remastered release is accompanied by a second disc, ‘Triple J Live at the Wireless’, taken from their legendary 1991 trip to Australia.

- Side A -

1. Ballarat
2. Half The Time
3. Year Of The Cat
4. Ride With Me
5. Lil Seed

- Side B -

6. Stove
7. Come Downstairs
8. Left For Dead
9. Brass Buttons
10. (The) Door
11. Untitled

- Side C -

12. Come Back D.A. (Live at The Wireless)
13. Stove (Live at The Wireless)
14. A Song For You (Live at The Wireless)
15. Come Downstairs (Live at The Wireless)

- Side D -

16. Nighttime (Big Star cover) (Live at The Wireless)
17. Year Of The Cat (Live at The Wireless)
18. Ride With Me (Live at The Wireless)
19. Die Right Now (Live at The Wireless)