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Liz Phair - Soberish (Limited Edition Clear Vinyl)


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Liz Phair brashly but effortlessly drops lyrical nuggets into her melody-driven, lo-fi songs. It makes for a devastating back catalogue; from the peerless Exile In Guyville to Whip-Smart, Whitechocolatespaceegg to the self-titled Liz Phair, each of her records acts as another timely klaxon call for a generation not prepared to sit back nor shut up. It's a career that's heralded her Grammy Award nominations, a spot on Rolling Stone's albums of all-time list, and decades of critical acclaim that has inspired and influenced some of the brightest new faces of yesterday and today, veering from cult icon to mainstream concern. Over a decade since her last record was released, Liz Phair now returns with another bagful of fireworks already fizzing to be let off in the shape of new album Soberish. Liz maintains the sass that propelled her to become such a critical darling, and that innate ear for melody and razor sharp way with words." Hey Lou" is the record's opening gambit, a mischievous ode to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, and Liz's jaunty lament back into our ears. Welcome back Miss Phair, we've missed you.

  • - Side One -
  • 1 Spanish Doors
  • 2 The Game
  • 3 Hey Lou
  • 4 In There
  • 5 Good Side
  • 6 Sheridan Road
  • - Side Two -
  • 7 Ba Ba Ba
  • 8 Soberish
  • 9 Soul Sucker
  • 10 Lonely Street
  • 11 Dosage
  • 12 Bad Kitty
  • 13 Rain Scene