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Lomelda - Hannah (Texas Exclusive Blue Vinyl Edition)


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Lomelda began in Silsbee,TX, in 2008, when Hannah Read found a few friends to play her songs with her.  The project continues to follow this model, songwriting and friendship at the core, studying the distance between "you" and "me" with each new release.

The project's first label release came in September 2017 via Double Double Whammy-“Thx” was received to wide critical acclaim.  This album features the introspective mood and dynamic range the band is known for with a new gentleness and balance; also featuring the drumming of Zach Daniel, production work of Tommy Read, and Hannah covering the rest. 'Thx' reached new audiences as Lomelda spent the next year and a half touring the US and Europe with acts such as Frankie Cosmos, Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, and Florist.

1. Kisses
2. Hannah Sun
3. Singfor Stranger
4. Wonder
5. Polyurethane
6. Reach
7. Itʼs Lomelda
8. Stranger Sat By Me
9. Itʼs Infinite
10. Hannah Happiest
11. Both Mode
12. Big Shot
13. Tommy Dread
14. Hannah Please