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LoneLady - Former Things (Red Gold Vinyl)


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As her name indicates LoneLady writes, performs and records all the components of her music, building up her own soundworlds in a solitary creative process. Whereas previous albums at least allowed the occasional appearance of another human - a drummer - with Former Things even that has now gone. This time, LoneLady has programmed all the beats and sequences, swapping her Telecaster guitar for an eclectic selection of synthesisers and hardware, their limitless creative potential providing the foundations to take the album in a new direction. Former Things is a glowing assemblage of memory we want to preserve: a myth that we protect in our minds, to remember across the ages and inspire us always.


- A -

01. The Catcher

02. (There Is) No Logic

03. Former Things

04. Time Time Time

- B -

05. Threats

06. Fear Colours

07. Treasure

08. Terminal Ground

09. Dark Green Mourning