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Maple Glider - To Enjoy Is The Only Thing (Pearly Green Vinyl)


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Vinyl LP pressing. Maple Glider is the nom de plume of Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch. On debut album To Enjoy Is the Only Thing, Zietsch's vocals melt into layers of plucked acoustic guitar and lulling piano, drawing on the sombre styles of folk contemporaries with a stark tenderness and introspection that assumes the listener is inside her bedroom as she plays for herself. Striking emotionality is at the centre of this performance, leaning into an intimacy that is achieved by way of deeply personal reflections and velvety melodic compositions. It is an exquisite journey of balance. Introspection and expansiveness. Folk, but not folk. Travel and being truly at home. A quiet whisper fueled by the roar of the heart. Feeling it all and feeling absolutely empty.

1. As Tradition
2. Swimming
3. View From This Side
4. Friend
5. Be Mean, It's Kinder Than Crying
6. Good Thing
7. Baby Tiger
8. Performer
9. Mama It's Christmas