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Donald Rubinstein - Martin


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A1. The Calling (Main Title)
A2. Train Attack
A3. Phased
A4. Tat Cuda's House
A5. Martin At The Butcher Shop
A6. Antique Chase With Villagers
A7. Garlic Chase #6
A8. Martin Goes To The City
A9. Christina Leaves
A10. Halloween
A11. Modern Vamp
B12. Chant
B13. The Calling (Reprise)
B14. Braddock / Chase
B15. Back To Me
B16. Crawling Sequence
B17. Martin Martin Martin
B18. Marie - Interlude
B19. Evocation
B20. Fly By Night
B21. Exorcism / Classical Funk
B22. Stake, Well Done!