Mia Joy - Spirit Tamer (Pink Vinyl)


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Spirit Tamer is the debut album from Mia Joy.  A member of the Chicago Children’s Choir at a young age, the record sees Joy's dual backgrounds in music and poetry evolve into a juxtaposition between soaring emotional synthpop and introspective devotional harmonies. Past press has referred to Mia’s music as “warm, ethereal, endlessly layered, and beautifully expanding”. Filled with heady atmospherics and vulnerability that abounds through the shapeshifting sonic palette, fans of Ana Roxanne or Hand Habits will find much to love in this painstakingly crafted, endearingly intimate universe.

1. Spirit Tamer
2. Ye Old Man
3. Heaven Forbid
4. Freak
5. Across Water

1. See Us
2. Saturn
3. Haha
4. Sword (I Carry)
5. Phone Home
6. Candle Prayer
7. Last Night Together (Arthur)