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Mndsgn - Rare Pleasure (Yellow Vinyl)


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Limited yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. As Mndsgn's first approach to a traditional studio album, Rare Pleasure weaves itself in many forms as the albums evolving theme, blending root stylings of R&B, soundtrack/theme-music, psychedelia and jazz into a sonically rich score of self-actualization. The title itself, 'Rare Pleasure' is an appreciation of sharing life, inward reflection and the gift of joyful catharsis in the face of inevitable discord. As Mndsgn describes it, "We are beings living this human life that's only going to happen this way once and only once, every moment infused with a magical impermanence, a rarity."


Rare Pleasure I

Truth Interlude

3Hands / Divine Hand I

Hope You're Doin' Better

Rare Pleasure II





Rare Pleasure III

Medium Rare

Rare Pleasure IV

Colours of the Sunset

Divine Hand II