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Circulatory System - Mosaics Within Mosaics


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A1. Physical Mirage/Visible Magic
A2. If You Have To Think About It Now
A3. No Risk
A4. Just In Time To See You All
A5. Neon Light
A6. It's Love
A7. Mosaic #1
B1. Tiny Planes On Canvas
B2. Mosaic #2
B3. When You're Small
B4. Do You Know What's Real?
B5. Over Dinner The Cardinal Spoke
B6. Aerial View Of A Heart (From Above)
B7. There Is No Time But Now
B8. Puffs Of Cotton
C1. The Reasons Before You Knew
C2. Mosaic #3
C3. Mosaics Within Mosaics
C4. Mosaic #4
C5. Open Up Your Lives
C6. Mosaic #5
C7. Sounds That You Never Heard
D1. Stars And Molecules
D2. Mosaic #6
D3. Mosaic #7
D4. Makes No Sense
D5. Conclusions
D6. Conclusions
D7. Mosaic #8
D8. Bakery Spires
D9. Night Falls
D10. Elastic Empire Coronation