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Circus Devils - Mother Skinny


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A1. Sub Rat
A2. Lurking
A3. Wolf Man Chords
A4. Hard Art (Hard All Day)
A5. Get On It
A6. His Troops Are Loyal
A7. Kingdoms Of Korea
A8. Bam Bam Bam
A9. Germ Circus
A10. 8 Legs To Love You
B1. 17 Days On The Pole
B2. Freezer Burn
B3. We Don't Need To Know Who You Are
B4. A Living Necklace Of Warts
B5. The New Nostalgia
B6. The Cave Of Disappearing Men
B7. Mother Skinny
B8. All The Good Ones Are Gone
B9. Pledge
B10. Shut Up