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Nap Eyes - Snapshot Of A Beginner


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  • 1. So Tired
  • 2. Primordial Soup
  • 3. Even Though I Can't Read Your Mind
  • 4. Mark Zuckerberg
  • 5. Mystery Calling
  • 6. Fool Thinking Ways


  • 1. If You Were In Prison
  • 2. Real Thoughts
  • 3. Dark Link
  • 4. When I Struck Out On My Own
  • 5. Though I Wish I Could

Limited Edition Cokebottle Clear Vinyl!

Throughout Nap Eyes' album, "Snapshot Of A Beginner", there's an immediately noticeable leap in arrangement and muscle, one that still holds the raw, nervous energy and the earnest, self-deprecating poetry that make Nap Eyes an enduring cult favorite.

The music still brings to mind the bucolic ennui of the Silver Jews and Daniel Johnston's jittery naïveté, but the new sheen and maturity also now brings to mind the wide-angle appeal of The Jayhawks and the addictive brightness of Green Day's Kerplunk!.