Neil Young + Promise of the Real - Noise and Flowers (Deluxe 2LP+CD+Blu-ray)


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Neil Young + Promise Of The Real announce a new live album, Noise & Flowers, that captures the group in all their glory on their 2019 European tour. The release will be accompanied by a similarly titled concert film that's included in the album's 2xLP+CD Deluxe Edition. Noise & Flowers documents a 9-date tour that began just two weeks after Young's lifetime friend and manager of more than 50 years, Elliot Roberts, passed away at age 76. Performing alongside a photograph of Roberts taped to his road case, Young approached each show as a celebratory memorial service to honor his late friend. It's a trek the legendary singer/songwriter describes as "wondrous." "Playing in his memory [made it] one of the most special tours ever," Young says in the album's liner notes. "We hit the road and took his great spirit with us into every song. This music belongs to no one. It's in the air. Every note was played for music's great friend, Elliot." In paying tribute to the manager who guided Young's career for over a half-century, Noise & Flowers explores all corners of his vast discography. It balances all-timer anthems ("Mr. Soul," "Helpless," "Rockin' in the Free World") with rarely aired '70s deep cuts ("Field of Opportunity," "On the Beach") and '90s gems ("From Hank to Hendrix," "Throw Your Hatred Down"). His frequent backing band since 2015, Promise of the Real effectively bridges the extremes in Young's sound, infusing his raging rockers and country serenades with their casual brilliance and telepathic intuition.

  • - SIDE 1 -
  • 1 Mr. Soul (Live)
  • 2 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Live)
  • 3 Helpless (Live)
  • 4 Field of Opportunity (Live)
  • 5 Alabama (Live)

  • - SIDE 2 -
  • 1 Throw Your Hatred Down (Live)
  • 2 Rockin' in the Free World (Live)

  • - SIDE 3 -
  • 1 Comes a Time (Live)
  • 2 From Hank to Hendrix (Live)
  • 3 On the Beach (Live)
  • 4 Are You Ready for the Country? (Live)

  • - SIDE 4 -
  • 1 I've Been Waiting for You (Live)
  • 2 Winterlong (Live)
  • 3 Fnckin' Up (Live)

  • - CD -
  • 1 Mr. Soul (Live)
  • 2 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Live)
  • 3 Helpless (Live)
  • 4 Field of Opportunity (Live)
  • 5 Alabama (Live)
  • 6 Throw Your Hatred Down (Live)
  • 7 Rockin' in the Free World (Live)
  • 8 Comes a Time (Live)
  • 9 From Hank to Hendrix (Live)
  • 10 On the Beach (Live)
  • 11 Are You Ready for the Country? (Live)
  • 12 I've Been Waiting for You (Live)
  • 13 Winterlong (Live)
  • 14 Fnckin' Up (Live)

  • 1 Blu-ray Video - Noise & Flowers Concert Film