Nirvana -  Christmas in Seattle 1988: Sub Pop Launch Party

Nirvana - Christmas in Seattle 1988: Sub Pop Launch Party


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Early Nirvana recordings from the Chad Channing era.

By the autumn of 1988, Nirvana had a more stable drummer in Chad Channing - who, after a number of short term sticks-men, joined the emerging combo for almost 2 years. In November ’88 the band released debut single ‘Love Buzz’ for Seattle indie Sub Pop, which was chosen as record of the week in the UK weekly, Sounds. 
In December 1988 Sub Pop put out the Sub Pop 200 compilation album featuring otherwise unavailable cuts by artists signed to the label, such as Tad, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and Green River; Nirvana’s ‘Spank Thru’ was featured too. On 28th December Nirvana played a dynamic set at the album’s launch party which took place at the Hollywood Underground Club in Seattle, and which featured a fine selection of tunes later to be recorded for their debut LP Bleach. The performance was additionally broadcast across FM radio in the local vicinity as promotion for the label’s current roster. 

The 11 bonus cuts here are from studio rehearsals that also took place in the final month of 1988 at Reciprocal Studios in Seattle. 


1. School 
2. Love Buzz 
3. Floyd The Barber 
4. Mr. Moustache 
5. Paper Cuts 

6. Mexican Seafood 
7. Spank Thru 
8. Sifting 
9. Hairspray Queen 
10. Blew

11. Beeswax 
12. Mexican Seafood 
13. Pen Cap Chew
14. Mr. Moustache 
15. Blandest 
16. Downer 

17. Floyd The Barber
18. Paper Cuts
19. Spank Thru
20. Sifting 
21. Aero Zeppelin