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Old 97's - Hitchhike To Rhome


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A1. St. Ignatius
A2. 504
A3. Drowning In The Days
A4. Miss Molly
A5. Dancing With Tears
B1. 4 Leaf Clover
B2. Wish The Worst
B3. Old 97's Theme
B4. Doreen
B5. Hands Off
C1. Mama Tried
C2. Stoned
C3. If My Heart Was A Car
C4. Desperate Times
C5. Ken's Polka Thing
C6. Tupelo County Jail
D1. Eyes For You
D2. Crying Drunk
D3. Victoria
D4. Dancing With Tears (Demo)
D5. Ivy (Demo)
D6. Old 97's Theme Spgeddi