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John Hulburt - Opus III


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A1. Inside & Otherwise
A2. The Freak On The Black Harley
A3. Street Singer's Rag
A4. Guitar On My Knee
A5. Evil Olive Waltz
A6. John Hulburt's New Rag
A7. Wooden Mistress
A8. Sunrise
A9. The Noble Ash Can
A10. Clark Street
B1. All Night Waitress
B2. Freak On The Black Harley (Revisited)
B3. Variations On Yet Another Stolen Theme
B4. O' For A Twelve-String
B5. Coffee House Theme
B6. In Search Of The Muse
B7. Libby
B8. Polydiom No.2
B9. Inner Garden
B10. Hallelujah! I'm On Parole Again