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Orgone - Moonshadows (Opaque Natural Vinyl)


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Moonshadows, named for a glossy beachfront Malibu bar where members of the Orgone crew DJed Saturday night sets, is the band's homage to yacht rock, sweater funk, and late night cruises on the Pacific Coast Highway. The genre-bending full-length album evokes neon and moonlight shimmering on ocean waves, undulating rhythms, martinis, and luxury convertibles.

There's nothing lightweight about this collection, however. All the hallmark elements of Orgone production-gritty, deep, authentic sounds and heavy beats-permeate this ten-song LP. For this album, Orgone pulled from it's deep bench of talent to feature vocal performances and co-writing by Adryon de León, Woolfy, Masauko Chipembere, Terin Ector, Jamie Allensworth, and more. Moonshadows is a heady mix of lush vocals, classic drum tones, and late-70s vibes best served chilled in the late-night hours and made to keep you grooving through your second wind and into the hazy sunrise.

  • 1 Calling on You
  • 2 Concentration
  • 3 Loveback
  • 4 Get with It
  • 5 Don't Stop
  • 6 Hit & Run
  • 7 Dreamer
  • 8 Show Me
  • 9 High and Low
  • 10 Lost U