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Peter Murphy - Cascade (Scarlet Vinyl)


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His last solo album for Beggars, Cascade came after a time of change for Peter Murphy. He had dissolved his longtime backing band and moved to Turkey with his family. After a year of soul-searching and re-discovery, the songs flowed. He said “It confirmed my belief that writing – like painting or any art form – comes from a very silent place that’s not dependent on outside stimulus. It was like rediscovering the initial innocence and purity that’s there when you join your first band.” The album was written with Paul Statham and produced by Pascal Gabriel. It also contains guitar work by noted artist Michael Brook.

1. "Mirror to My Woman's Mind"   5:34
2. "Subway"   4:37
3. "Gliding Like a Whale"   4:24
4. "Disappearing"
5. "Mercy Rain"   3:43
6. "I'll Fall with Your Knife"   4:31
7. "The Scarlet Thing in You"   4:24
8. "Sails Wave Goodbye"   4:44
9. "Wild Birds Flock to Me"   3:48
10. "Huuvola"   5:54
11. "Cascade"   6:08
Total length: 52:49