Rich Ruth - I Survived, It's Over (Light Blue Vinyl)


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Recorded under a loft bed in the guest bedroom of his Nashville home, Michael Ruth aka Rich Ruth’s “I Survived, It’s Over” starts in a humble space. And while many contemporary music projects are produced in such an environment, “I Survived, It’s Over” sets itself apart in its transformative properties as well as its transparency. 

What we have here is honest sound exploration, session musician-level instrumentation, and a true love for nature run through the fingers of a dude who can channel some acute and undeniable magic. 
This music goes deep. 

1. Taken Back
2. Older But Not Less Confused
3. Desensitization and Reprocessing
4. Heavy And Earthbound
5. Thou Mayest
6. Angel Slide
7. Doxology