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RJD2 - The Fun Ones (Orange Indie Exclusive Vinyl)


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2020 release. Though The Fun Ones largely emphasizes modern funk and instrumental music, RJ still occasionally flirts with vocal stylings across the album. On "One Of A Kind," RJ links up with Homeboy Sandman, pushing the levels of syncopation into the red. "A Genuine Gentleman" sees RJ and the king of west coast abstract rhyming, Aceyalone, reuniting on record for the first time since 2006 over a Meter's-esque groove. Longtime Rjd2 collaborators, STS and Khari Mateen, reconvene on lead single, "Pull Up On Love," to bring the spirit of James Brown to the quintessential Atlanta rib shack. Jordan Brown steps in to bring a falsetto lilt over a cacophonous drum break that would leave Ginger Baker scratching his chin.


A1 No Helmet Up Indianola
A2 Indoor S'mores
A3 20 Grand Palace
A4 One Of A Kind
A5 High Street Will Never Die
A6 Pull Up On Love
B1 All I'm After
B2 Flocking To The Nearest Machine
B3 And It Sold For 45K
B4 The Freshman Lettered
B5 A Genuine Gentleman
B6 Itch Ditch Mission
B7 My Very Own Burglar Neighbor