Rodrigo y Gabriela - In Between Thoughts...a New World (Indie Exclusive, Limited Edition Golden Vinyl)


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Guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela have announced the follow-up to the GRAMMY-winning album MettavolutionIn Between Thoughts…A New World is the duo’s first full-length album in four years. It is a spontaneously composed, yet unified work which brings the same expansion of consciousness that inspired its creation. Self-produced in Ixtapa, Mexico, the album sees Rodrigo y Gabriela building on their original sound to include electronics and orchestral elements.

1. True Nature
2. The Eye That Catches The Dream
3. Egoland
4. Descending To Nowhere
5. Seeking Unreality
6. The Ride Of The Mind
7. Broken Rage
8. Finding Myself Leads Me To You
9. In Between Thoughts…A New World