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Various - Shirley Inspired


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A1. Pretty Saro
A2. Richie's Story
A3. Polly On The Shore
A4. Rambleaway
A5. The Plains Of Waterloo
B1. A Blacksmith Courted Me
B2. Cruel Mother
B3. Locks And Bolts
B4. The Blacksmith
B5. The Murder Of Maria Marten
C1. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
C2. Hares On The Mountain
C3. Polly Vaughan
C4. Love Is Pleasing
C5. Edi Beo
C6. Banks Of The Bann
D1. Shepherd's Arise
D2. The Blacksmith
D3. Poor Murdered Woman
D4. Go From My Window
D5. It Was Pleasant And Delightful
D6. Gilderoy (Heart's Delight)
E1. Adieu To All Judges And Juries
E2. Proud Maisrie
E3. Charlie
E4. Long Years Ago
E5. Geordie
E6. Oxford Girl
F1. My False True Love
F2. Dearest Dear
F3. Cambridgeshire May Carol
F4. Just As The Tide Was Flowing
F5. Never Again
F6. Sweet England