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Ty Segall - Singles 2007-2010


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A1. Where We Go
A2. It
A3. Sweets
A4. Son Of Sam
A5. Skin
A6. Booksmarts
A7. Ms. White
A8. ...And Then Judy Walked In
B1. Cents
B2. No No
B3. Standing At The Station
B4. My Sunshine
B5. Fuzzy Cat
B6. Maria Stacks
C1. Caesar
C2. Bullet Proof Nothing
C3. Lovely One (Demo)
C4. Happy Creeps
C5. Hey Big Mouth
C6. Dating (Demo)
D1. So Alone (Demo)
D2. Shoot Me In The Head (Demo)
D3. The Drag (Demo)
D4. Standing At The Station (Demo)
D5. I Think I've Had It